Industrial zone in which you can buy your own space for building industrial facilities

One-time payment for the plot

Price through direct bidding (auction)

Industrial and warehouse space from 1 eur / m2

Space for construction of warehouses, service centers,offices at affordable prices

One-time payment for the plot

Price through direct bidding (auction)

Price from 15 eur / m2

Building plots for light industry

Low prices for plots so you can make sure your business is running smoothly.Plots are only for sale. Directly approaches to regional railroads that straddle the industrial zone with airports in North Macedonia and the harbor in Thessaloniki R.Greece. Electricity suply, water and drain. 24h security service.


The Industrial Zone Zabeni offers plots for the construction of warehouses for the light industry. Flexible pads that can be used for storing products and enabling activities for the light industry. Equipped with power supply and easy connection with the infrastructure of the industrial zone. Easy access to customs services and fast implementation of input and output of products and materials .

Transport facilities and service centers

Transport and service facilities in the Industrial Zone, that enables fast communication. Roads, terminals and construction of parking and maintenance facilities. Connection with rail and road traffic that will facilitate the operation and functioning of your business in the Republic of North Macedonia. Easy and fast access to the European market.

Data Centers

Possibilities to build DATA Centers. Fast and efficient connection to optical cables to the closest centers that enable digital data transfer at a high speed data transfer. Possibilities for your business to become the center and crossroads of data transfers in Southeast Europe and beyond.

250000 m2 +
Total available area
No. of Plots
Available for purchase
Currently employed in the zone